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courteney cox talks about the new season of dirt on FX jennifer aniston vince vaughn

Ok not quite, but Courteney Cox is chatting about the new season now that Season 1 is on DVD!


I can’t wait for Season 2 to get here on FX… it’s taken too long already.

So click to read US Magazine’s interview with Ms. Cox as she chats about Vince Vaughn, David Arquette, Jennifer Aniston, and of course, the show!


courtney cox dirt

Us: The DVD is coming out of Dirt’s season one. Any highlights?
CC: Last year was a really interesting look on the world of tabloid journalism. There’s a lot of shocking things that happen in the series that just make you kind of drop your jaw. It was very racy. I think the show is so salacious and intriguing, so I was really happy with it. This year we’re even changing it a little more. We’re honing it in.

Us: How did those storyline for Dirt come about? Like the girl who leaked her own sex tape … do you have an input in what celeb stories you pull from?
CC: Yeah. We don’t [base our stories] on any one particular celebrity. It’s a weird thing because we can come up with a story, and then we haven’t even filmed it … and then, three weeks later, we’ll read about it. People do really strange things. We’ll take a thought or a germ of another idea, mix it with another idea … and just come up with our own version of reality.

Us: As far as next season, what can you tell Us?
CC: This season is a little lighter. Lucy [Cox’s character] went through something really tragic at the end of season one. She obviously lives, but she has a different attitude this year.

Us: Is Jennifer Aniston coming back next season?
CC: No, she’s not.

Us: The door is open, I would assume.
CC: Of course. We are not in a fight. She is my friend, and I love her dearly.

Us: Good. I also read somewhere that Vince Vaughn was guest starring next season.
CC: I’ve heard that too. That would also be negative. But, you know, it wouldn’t hurt the show for people to think that.

Us: Which guest stars are coming?
CC: Tom Arnold, Sharon Lawrence … gosh, I have the worst memory. Rosanna Arquette is on.

Us: Rosanna Arquette, who’s dating Paul McCartney?
CC: You know, I have not talked to her about that, but I will ask her as soon as we hang out. It was a rumor, and I’m going to find out the real dirt.

Us: Is it like too much of a cliché to bring other Friends cast members onto the show, or is that never going to happen?
CC: I don’t know. If it was the right point, I’d love to have any of them on the show. I don’t know how they would feel about it, so I’d have to ask as things came up.

Us: [Your husband] David’s the producer. Is he going to be on the show?
CC: No, he’s not going to act in it, but he’s directed an episode. It was great. He’s a really good director.

Us: Is he on the set a lot with you?
CC: Yeah. He’s doing other things like producing than sitting on the set all the time. But he comes down quite a bit, so does Coco.

Us: I heard that Coco has a crush on Dirt star Will McCormack.
CC: Not Will McCormack! She’s got a couple of crushes on the set, but not Will. She’s has a big crush on Josh Stewart. We have a new character, too, Ryan Eggold. She likes him and she loves [Dirt star Alex Breckenridge. She likes blondes and she likes dark-headed men. [Dirt’s Ian Hart has got to be her favorite because he spends such quality time with her. He’s her homie.

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