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Dina has NO sense of Humor.


For a woman who is riding her kid’s coat tails to (allegedly) all the clubs, and drugs she can get (allegedly), Dinah Lohan needs to STFU! And she has no sense of humor.

The night Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to appear on the Jay Leno show and decided it would be better to flee the area after her 2nd DUI this summer, Jay had Rob Schneider on to fill her spot. We told you all about it before, and it was hilarious. Especially the “ankle bracelet” that was really a flask! haha

People Magazine has this quote from Momma Lohan:

“We have a great respect for Jay Leno but we are disappointed in the path he chose to allow a guest to make light of a very serious situation concerning Lindsay,” Dina told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in an e-mail Thursday.

YOU are DISAPPOINTED IN JAY LENO?!?!??! How about you stop throwing the disdain that should be on you and yours on others and take some responsibility you ENABLER!!! I mean, she just can’t take a joke.

I wonder what she’ll think about THIS video making the rounds?

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