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Did Kat Von D tip off the paps? Kat and Jesse James "caught" holding hands at lunch

Jesse James and Kat Von D holding hands after lunch in Hollywood.

I’m just going to go ahead and say this, I think that Kat Von D is more interested in Jesse James for the fame right now, than in him as a man. Kat has her show to promote, yes, LA INK is still on TV.  And I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute if she, or someone in her camp called the paparazzi in order to create a desirable photo opportunity.

And if you’re wondering why I say that, it has to do with how coy she’s playing the paps, and that she just keeps talking about it! (kind of like when she was dating Nikki Sixx, not that she didn’t love him either

Does Jesse James KNOW? I’m guessing yes. He may not like the whole paparazzi set up thing but he really needs people to see him as not a total A-hole. And these pics of him walking hand in hand with Kat are kind of sweet if you don’t think about them too hard, like I do.

Or maybe they are enjoying the beginning of a new relationship and I’m just a cynical blogger typing on my computer.

More pics of the new couple at paparazzi/celebrity hot spot Urth in West Hollywood.

Images via Fame Pictures

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