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DEV Gets “Naked” With Enrique Iglesias -Video

Who wants to go to Vegas? After watching the new video by DEV and Enrique Iglesias, I want to head back to Planet Hollywood and get dressed up and go dancing.  Yeah that’s right, I want to do THIS again…

Or maybe this…

DEV and Enrique sing “Naked” through the hallways, elevators, and the dance clubs at PH, with product placement from Calvin Klein makeup and of course adult beverages in the club. Those sneaking promotional people ;-)

Can I say that Enrique is looking pretty good here? I mean, the dirty scruffy look kind of suits him.

I have to say, I do like this song. I can see it being a fun Summer hit. And of course playing in the clubs next time I’m in Las Vegas. Which will be soon. So watch out!