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Desperate housewives, flash forward

HOLY CRAP!!!!! OK, i have to admit I don’t watch Desperate Housewives anymore…. But I was told to watch the very end, and I actually GASPED! Air got SUCKED INTO my body involuntarily. GALE HAROLD WAS ON DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! I know it was for about 2 seconds, but DANG! I may have to watch that show now.

Oh yeah, and some stuff happens with the rest of the ladies, including Eva Longoria’s character getting her just desserts with ugly bratty kids :-)

here’s the rundown
Lynette needs to kick her kids out of the house as they are little felons

Katherine’s daughter was in Paris and is getting married.

Gabby has lost her style and is watching 2 little bratty kids who call her mom

Bree is looking slick has some sort of assistant and is writing a cookbook, with the NY Times on the phone

Susan is with the new guy (Gale!)

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