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Denise Richards' show "Exploitative "

Charlie Sheen’s fiance won’t be watching Denise Richards’ new show. She finds the idea of using the kids (Charlie and Denise have two girls together) “Exploitive”.

“Charlie and I both think it’s exploitative and not good,” [Brooke] Mueller, 29, told at an Elle magazine gifting suite in L.A. yesterday. “But the judge ruled in her favor so there’s nothing we can do.”

(Sheen lost a January court battle to prevent their children, Sam, 3, and Lola, 2, from appearing on the show. Richards has assured Us, “I’m going to be respectful about how they’ll appear.”)

Cat fight Cat Fight!!!! I think the 3 of them should just grease up and go at it, whoever wins, gets the kids. I’d watch that! But I don’t know if I’ll watch Denise’s show….

But Brooke just need to NOT talk about Denise, it makes her look tacky. …