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Demi Lavato is in London


One of Disney’s little minions, Demi Lavato, was caught outside her hotel in the Soho area of London last night.

Can I  just say something?   What is this young girl, doing with a purse like that?  I mean, really.  Girl is 16 YEARS OLD! 16!!!!   She should be scooping out cones at Baskin Robins saving her pennies to pay for gas on the way to Forever 21!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, um yeah… soooooo little Miss Lavato is staying busy at the House of Mouse.  She is in line to return to the Camp Rock phenom.  I see this all over Target.  It’s everywhere!!!  I’m the stationary section, the bed and bath section, even when I turn the corner to luggage, BAM there she is!  Camp Rock!  I guess with High School Musical kind of over and done with, Disney needs to find a new franchise to keep them tweenies screaming.  ;-)


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  1. its prada!!! everyone who is anyone wears prada doesnt matter if u r 5 or 85 years old… or is that 8 or 88?? well you get my point!

    • i know, i’m just jealous