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Delicious Valentine’s Day Dessert

Halo Top Low Calorie Ice Cream for Valentines Day

Forget Netflix and Chill, let’s do Valentine’s Day ice cream desserts on the couch.  Whether you’re having a great Galentine’s Day evening with your bffs, or toasting your significant other, I have something perfect to Valentine’s Day.

Indulgent Guilt Free Valentine’s Day Dessert

Most Valentine’s Day desserts are completely decadent full of calorie overloads! Can we say chocolate cakes and creme brulee? You have been working hard so far this year and while I am completely down with getting your splurge on, why not do something for Valentine’s that you can also enjoy all year long?

Perfect Pair Halos
This is an easy treat to make ahead of time and then serve displayed on a beautiful plate if you are having a fancy dinner or on a platter for you and your girlfriends while having a Rom-Com marathon.

What you’ll need – Ingredients

  • Two pints of your favorite Halo Top Ice Cream flavors
  • – We love the combination of Lemon and Strawberry, but you can always stay traditional with chocolate and mint!
  • Ginger Snap Cookies
  • Chocolate sauce to drizzle
  • Whipped cream

Valentine’s Day Dessert Assembly

This is the fun part. You can do this a day or two in advance, or make it a hands on project for you and your friends.

  • Let the pints of Halo Top Ice Cream sit out for 10 to 15 minutes. This will let the Halo Top Ice Cream flavors to get soft and malleable.
  • Get out a plate you would not mind setting the in freezer. This will hold the bites until you are ready to enjoy them.
  • Grab your ginger snap cookies and get half a spoonful of flavor one onto half of the cookie.
  • Then, place another half scoop on the other half of the cookie. It should look like a full moon with with two colors of delicious ice cream.
  • Take a second ginger snap and place it on top and gently press them together.
  • Do this until you have a plate full of delicious mini ice cream sandwiches to put into the freezer.
  • Store in the freezer until you are ready to eat.
  • You can use the whipped cream and chocolate sauce to decorate the serving platter, or serve on the side to dip into!

If you are not into ginger snaps, you can always use vanilla wafer cookies, or even large chocolate chip cookies. Whatever you want, you can do.

Not feeling crafty? Scoop the Halo Top Ice Cream (did we mention it’s only 240 calories for the entire pint?) into a bowl and crumble the cookies on top. Pile on the whipped cream, chocolate sauce and whatever else you like! Turn on your binge worthy show and enjoy!