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Delicious Diet Tips For The New Year

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With the new year comes new year resolutions. If you are like most of the people I know here in Southern California then new year’s leads to intending to eat better. To help you out, I have a few healthy eating tips for your new year.

Health Tips For The New Year

Eat Your Veggies

Add some pizzazz to your lunch withe the quinoa radish spinach mason jar salad. There's not need for boring when you bring one of these to work.

Exciting Salads – Dieting always seems to equal more salads. Leafy greens are aplenty when trying to lose weight, but honestly, after a few days of greens it can get a little boring. Looking to jazz up your salads and avoid snoozeville at lunch? Try these Mason Jar Salads to add a little pizzazz to your lunch. With more salad recipes than you will know what to do with, you are such to find at least one that will shake up your lunch. I love the pomegranate and pear salad as well as the quinoa and spinach.

Glowing Green Juice – Everybody’s doing it, or saying that they are doing it: Juicing.  Don’t let the trendiness and expensive in-store juices give you pause about this awesome and easy way to add veggies to your diet.  The recipe I tend to follow comes from Kimberly Snyder and it is her Glowing Green Smoothie. By doing a smoothie versus a juice you won’t have to buy any special equipment, just has your blender at the ready. I do like my mason jar blender, but you can use any one you have.

Cut Calories 

low calorie raspberry lemonade spritzer cocktail recipeLow Calorie Cocktails – Don’t want to give up the cocktails but still want to lose weight?  The easiest way is to cut out the sugar filled mixers or cream bases. I have a TON of low calorie cocktail recipes but like I said the easiest thing to do is just cut out the mixer calories. Use club soda, low calorie sparkling sodas and limit yourself to one at your party. Your waistline will thank you.

These sound simple but sometimes you just need a little nudge and simple changes. I also suggest making delicious peppercorn steak for dinner. The body loves good quality protein in addition to all of those yummy greens you are adding to your weight loss diet.


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