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Day 2 of 30 Miles In 30 Days Challenge #5280ofAwesome

30 miles in 30 days 5280ofawesome shoes

Yesterday was completely crazy for this pinup. I had so much work to do for the site, and then I drove up to Hollywood for a photo shoot (more on that another day). So I only had a limited amount of time to get everything in.

Dad Bee and I wanted to get our mile in together so in the mid-day sun and heat we headed out. I don’t suggest that anyone do this. Especially if you have any health conditions or haven’t been active in a long time. It was not the happiest of runs that we have done, but knowing that it was just a mile and a half on our course made it doable.

Thank you Dad Bee for getting my pinup booty out there. He’s pretty bad ass.

You too can join the group of us on Instagram and Twitter or just follow along with hashtag #5280ofAwesome. Either way is cool with me!

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  1. It’s sweet that you and Dad bee do so much together.

  2. Your dad is bad ass –’tis true!

  3. Go Cari Bee go! Run your little butt off! =)

  4. Good for you that you did it and did not let the days work stop you.

  5. Proud of you Cari, you go girl!!

  6. And Yes… Your dad is bad ass

  7. run run run

  8. I should join us. Wheewww…I will have to stay consistent with this one. I am sure my body will thank me later.

    • yay!!!! It’s both easier and more difficult than I expected. The consistency is the hardest part. Cannot wait to hear more from you