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David LaChapelle + Lady Gaga = Perfect Match!

Lady Gaga David LaChapelle sparks

I love the work of David LaChapelle, and his odd sense of beauty.  He always pushes the envelope but in a fun colorful way.  When I saw these pictures for Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster CD set all I could think of was “Well of COURSE David LaChapelle and Lady Gaga got together.”  It’s as if they were just waiting for each other to show up in the same place.

Like I said, this photo shoot, according to AllieIsWired is in her The Fame Monster Delux CD set.  She goes from sparks flying out of her hoohaw, to being covered only by newsclippings (and paper cuts), and the robot queen of a metropolis.  The volcano piece with Kanye West was obviously supposed to be used for the Fame Kills tour that was scrapped earlier this year.  oops.

More of the images below!

Images from David LaChapelle’s site