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David Arquette Is In Rehab

Drinking and Depression Lead David Arquette To Enter Rehab -BusyBee

Act surprised, y’all.  It seems that little lost puppy David Arquette has landed himself in rehab. After the separation from his wife Courteney Cox was made public, David has been making a complete and total a$$ out of himself, and his family. So it comes as no shock that someone threw him into rehab.

While the statement from his official paid liar is that he’s in rehab for alcohol and “other issues” a snitch was more specific.

“He is in there for drinking and depression, not hard drugs. Rehab was inevitable,” says the source. “He is dealing with a broken heart. He can’t handle all the changes in his life. All his inner demons came out.”

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It sounds like David’s been dealing with his “inner demons” for a long while, not just since Courteney hit the road with their daughter. And if he really entered on his own accord, fine, get help, get sober, get on with your life. But I have a feeling it wasn’t so voluntary and his issues may have been part of the reason for their breakup.

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