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DSC Hiccup?

Will  Dave Shelly and Chainsaw NOT be returning on July 12th as originally thought?  Read on and you tell me

The band is ready but forces beyond their control won’t let them play this month. That’s the street buzz from corporate about the return of a popular radio team next Monday, July 12.

California generally does not have a non-compete clause, but if under contract, artists, radio hosts, and the like may not be able to perform their craft until the original deal is up. In other words, various estates are making it difficult for the band to play next Monday. []

From what I have heard it was not the members of “The DSC” that reneged on their contract with Clear Channel San Diego, but rather CC that made the first move.

So what does this mean? Who knows. CC has a lot of pull, even if they aren’t as powerful as they once were.

We’ll keep you updated.