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Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw BACK to KGB??

So, it’s been six months since Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw were escorted off the San Diego airwaves, but could they be returning to 101 KGB in the near future?

Dave Rickards started the whispers when he posted this question on his facebook page

10 Listener Poll
And this means a lot to me, so really, take it seriously:

If we came back on the air, would you want it to be on KGB?

Then, SDRADIO.NET explained it more clearly:

What If …. fans of the Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw woke up one morning this month — and hear the DSC back on the radio?

It could happen!

Confirmed sources have indicated that there is a crack in the armor at KGB and the possibility exists that they may return. It’s been a tough 10-months on morning shows in San Diego — and the sudden dismissal of the KGB morning show in January sent shock waves. The team nearly completed 20-years on the radio, and as April 1 came and went — it was a slow realization that morning shows in the market would never be the same.

And if you were wondering, Chainsaw is still writing for 619 Sports, but I have yet to hear anything about Dave or Shelly. Ruth 66 is busy with her art and is on air occasionally doing traffic. Quiet Talking James and his band, Redhanded, are playing the Leucadian TONIGHT! And as for Boyer? He’s probably stuck under a Jeep somewhere.

So, would you DSC fans in San Diego turn on 101 KGB again?

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