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Dave Shelly and Chainsaw Where are they now? [VIDEO]

It’s been four months since Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw were officially off the air in San Diego. FOUR. LONG. MONTHS.

Many have been asking me if I knew ANYTHING about what is going on with ANYONE associated with the show. Emily? Bromo? Boyer? and of course, Ruth66. I do have some news to share.

Cookie “Chainsaw” Randolf has landed a new job. He is now writing for His column will appear Tuesdays and Fridays!!! So, why did Cookie join the online sports magazine?

“They’re tireless, great writers, and I thought it would be fun to write a column — a humor column, on,” Randolph said. “I was invited, and I said, ‘Yeah, this is fun, I want to do it.”[NBC]

I have a feeling that getting work was another reason for Cookie joining 619sports.

Also, Ruth 66 has been popping up on the San Diego Radio radar!

Ruthie has been doing morning traffic on 105.7 “The Walrus” with MASON of all people! It’s not full time, but it’s been wonderful hearing her on air again.

As for Dave, Shelly, and the rest? Dave likes the write stories on facebook . Shelly is mostly MIA, and Boyer and Bromo are on facebook, too.

More as I get it!


  1. We’re so excited to have Cookie on board at 619 Sports! Just for clarity, his columns will be appearing on Tuesdays and Fridays. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s column!

    • OOPS! I’ll fix that!

  2. Thanks for the love, Cari! You’re the best.

    In case anyone was wondering, DSC’s producer, Emily Maguire is also on FaceBook. She wrote a long note this week explaining what she’s been up to.

    Shelly had surgery on her foot over Christmas vacation and has been recuperating, but she’s doing great and getting back on both feet again.

    Dave Rickards writes at least two notes a week on FB. Just go to his profile and click on “notes” and you can get caught up on his life.

    You can ‘friend” Chainsaw on FB at: Cookie Randolph, Bromo is listed under Bromo Abromowitz and Boyer uses his real name: Chris Boyer

    Everyone on the team will be happy to hear from you again!
    Ruth 66
    on FaceBook: Nina Ruthie
    on Twitter: Ruthie66

    • super! I have links for chainsaw, bromo and boyer, and dave’s notes. I’ll set up links for shelly and emilito!