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Dave Shelly and Chainsaw Return In A Few More… Days?

We told you the other day that we were told the July 12th return date for Dave Shelly & Chainsaw was likely not going to happen.  We were also told they would more than likely be back in September.

But according to Dave Rickards, it will be just a few more days. Read on…

From Dave’s Facebook page….

I Can See The End From Here
Today at 3:16pm
It’s going to be a couple more days friends. But I mean, just a couple more. Will you bear with me?


Hmmm, hopefully for fans of the DSC this is true. But we haven’t heard diddly about anything from anyone (besides that the 12th wasn’t going to be the day).

All I know is that the fans are getting restless, and this back and forth thing is starting to upset them. Even more than if they had never been given a return date in the first place.

We’ll keep you updated!

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