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Dave Navarro At Reading, Jane's Addiction Cancels Show

UK fans of Jane’s Addiction were in for a little heartbreak this weekend. JA’s singer Perry Farrell had something wrong with his throat, so they had to cancel their performance!

Jane’s Addiction regretfully had to cancel their scheduled headline performance on the NME /Radio 1 stage at this year’s Reading Festival as singer Perry Farrell was unable to perform due to the severe swollen condition of his throat.

Although Farrell was treated earlier in the day by top local London physicians and had his heart set on trying to perform under any circumstance, in the end he was completely unable to produce any sound vocally. Jane’s Addiction would like to deeply apologize to the fans for any inconvenience. Farrell’s condition remains day to day. [fb]

Dang. At least guitarist Dave Navarro was there to break the news to some of the fans.

I just have to address the longer hair on Dave. I don’t know where he’s going with that. He looks better with shorter hair IMO. And without a cigarette. :-/ (Still super hot, though)

Images via Fame Pictures
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