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Cycling gets all wrestlemania on us! UPDATE


With 800 metres to go, former track sprinter Theo Bos (Rabobank Continental) put his right hand on Impey’s shoulder and caused the crash. The panel of UCI commissaires watched the TV replay several times but chose not to take action against Bos for his involvement in the accident as it was unclear whether or not he did it aggressively.

I was unfair in saying that the Rabobank Cyclist did it on purpose and I do apologize.

Also, Impey won despite the crash! HOLY COW!
>Daryl Impey won the 45th Presidential Tour of Turkey but he didn’t enjoy the post-race celebrations due to injuries suffered in a crash with 800 metres to go of the final stage. Impey remained on the ground for 20 minutes before getting back on his bike to cross the finish line.He was taken to the hospital in Alanya where the doctors reported a fracture of the third disc of his lumbar vertebra, a micro-fracture of his neck, facial trauma, a few broken teeth and a deep cut in his lips.


For those of you who don’t know about the world of cycling, many mistake it to be a simple hop on the bike and ride with friends. It can’t be further from the truth! Cycling can be a rough tumble sport with elbows and knees flying especially when cameras and judges aren’t looking.

Today in the Tour of Turkey was a show of unsportsmanlike behavior. While we don’t know what preceded the incident, near the finishline a Rabobank rider threw the Yellow Jersey INTO A BARRIER! WHAM!

See the 3:35 mark. That was a physical feat if I do say so. To throw another man into the barrier and keep going yourself!

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