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Crazy Women, with Coffee

This is CLASSIC!!! I swear!

Some woman got PISSED OFF that Britney Spears was getting all the attention or something. “I’m Famous I’m Famous!” Maybe she just had to get to work and was mad that the paps were blocking her exit. Well, whatever the reason, she throws coffee all over the paps, their cameras, and Britney’s new car. Not once, but TWICE!!!!

I LOVE how the photogs are all up in Brti Brit’s face, but as soon as this loon gets between them and Brit, they lose it. Saying she assaulted them, that she’s scaring Britney etc. Ummmm, aren’t you boys doing the same thing to Ms. Spears? Blocking her from leaving, crowding the car, following her everywhere?

I’m just saying.

OH BTW NSFW but worth watching