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Crazy vs trashy…. who won?!

So I basically stopped watching the VMA’s after Justin Timberlake won the quadruple threat award. (WTF is that?!)

I should have kept watching to see Tommy Lee and Kid Rock go at each other like drunks at the bar. Actually, I’ve seen boys in their early 20s do this, and it’s funny. But it seems really sad that grown men would do this in public, when someone else is performing.

Story is…

According to eyewitnesses, Lee — sitting at the same table as Diddy — jawed at Rock as he made his way toward the Bad Boy CEO, with whom he was supposed to present the show’s final performance. It wasn’t clear exactly what Lee said to Rock, but apparently after his words, Rock slapped the drummer, according to eyewitnesses. Lee, one eyewitness said, attempted to fight back but, before he was able to land a blow, was punched in the face by Rock.

They were BOTH removed from the venue but “Kid” was allowed to return. He was also cited later by the Vegas police for a misdemeanor battery.