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Crazy Cuizine Is New For Dinner And Tailgating!

Crazy Cuizine orange chicken in the box

This weekend while everyone else was contemplating yet another hot dog, I was serving up something different at my house. Yes, we grilled this Labor Day weekend, but we also took it easy and had some Crazy Cuizine for dinner.

In my house, and my friends, Chinese and Japanese food reign. After a long day at work, it’s not uncommon for me to call in an order of Orange chicken to the Chinese take out or grab Teriyaki chicken next door. That gets awfully pricey after a while, though.

So while in Costco I snagged a box of Crazy Cuizine Mandarin Orange Chicken. This is made with white meat chicken, and also comes in teriyaki flavor. (I found both those flavors at Vons grocery store here in SoCal but they weren’t in the frozen food section. They were next to the meat department.) The large pieces of chicken are fully cooked (ready to heat and serve), high in protein, and free of preservatives, trans-fat and MSG. Not bad for something easy.

Crazy Cuizine Orange Chicken on a dinner plate with rice and pineapple

We had our Mandarin chicken with some grilled pineapple salsa from the night before, and white rice that took 15 minutes. I just had to preheat the oven and pop the chicken in. When it was done, toss it with the orange sauce and there you go.  This had a little more kick to it than I was expecting but it was good.  Definitely making more of this later this week.

I started thinking this would be great for tailgating (heat it up most of the way before you head out and then reheat it on the grill in a pan), or at the house during football. You can just put it all on a serving platter with tooth picks. Super easy high protein snack for football. And I like easy food when people are over.

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  1. OMG ur making me so damn hungry – aahahhh

  2. looks like frozen food to me

  3. Actually it looks pretty good yum!

  4. I would use that for a tailgating party, quick and looks yummy!

  5. this looks delicious

  6. Yum, this looks delicious.

  7. We love this at our house.