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Crash on the Set of The Bounty

the bounty gerard butler jennifer aniston 9

With of the scenes being shot out in the open for “The Bounty” with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, I wonder if there will be any surprises left.   Now that Gerard has return from promoting his other movie in London, it’s back to filming!

Gerard and Jennifer had two out door scenes one at a gas station, and another in a car crash.  At least he saved the golf clubs.  Those things can be expensive.

I love the shots of Jennifer laughing  in the car.  These two, while not dating, seem to have a real rapport about them.  Gerard even admitted that he had entertained fantasies of sleeping with Ms. Aniston at one time.

“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it [bedding Aniston] but I’m having a great time just working with her. She’s so grounded. I’ve had to do stuff where she’s in handcuffs but she doesn’t complain.”

At least he’s honest!  I wonder if Jen would be so forthright?

More pics of The Bounty below

Images by Fame Pictures

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