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Comic Strip Bloom County Returns After 25 Years

Opus the Penguin by Berkeley Breathed from FB

To the delight and glee of his followers, comic strip writer Berkeley Breathed released the first Bloom County strip in 25 years on his Facebook page on Monday. He had been teasing the return of the long loved comic strip since the beginning of the month, and yesterday, Opus and Milo finally made their joyous return.

Bloom County returns after a 25 year absence Berkeley Breathed Opus the Penguin dandelions Milo Facebook

Opus the penguin appears to have awaken from a Rip van Winkle type of nap in the dandelions only to be informed by Milo that he has indeed been asleep for 25 years.

In October 2008, Berkeley Breathed had announced that he would be retiring from cartooning. Looks like 7 years was long enough for him.

As of this morning, the strip has had over 51,000 shares from Breathed’s Facebook page. That’s quite the accomplishment. I saw it shared by two separate Facebook friends that do not know each other. What a very happy event yesterday for Bloom County fans all over. So far, though, yesterday’s comic strip post of Milo and Opus the penguin is the only Bloom County 2015 strip. There is no strip at this point for Tuesday July 14th 2015.

When Bloom County first said goodbye in 1989, 25 years ago, Opus and friends continued their adventures in Outland. That strip ran from 1989-1995. Breathed won a Pulitzer Prize for his work on Bloom County in 1987, right before deciding to call it quits on the strip.

So far, there is no sign of Cutter John, Steve Dallas, or Bill the Cat in the Bloom County 2015 strip. Only Opus the Penguin and Milo have made their comeback. But we are sure that at some point all of the favorites are sure to make returns in one form or another. We cannot wait to see what is living in little boy Binkley’s anxiety closet today.

Heck, with the return of all of the 1980’s pop culture and political trappings (Russia, Iran, China, and even Donald Trump) it is only fitting to have one of the best comic strips from that decade make its return as well.

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1 Comment

  1. I’m almost too young to remember these coming strips since I was 5 when they retired it, but I kind of do. It’s cool they’re coming back