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Colin Firth is a Single Man in Venice

colin firth venice film festival 1

Colin Firth walks the red carpet for the premier of “Single Man”.  In the movie, Firth plays a professor who loses his  long time partner (Matthew Goode). As for the fact his character is gay in the movie and the attention it’s going to garner?

“Tom wasn’t remotely interested in the gay theme. Anyway I daresay we aren’t the first men to have kissed on screen – and Matthew [Goode] was good at it.”

The Single Man is the directorial debut of designer Tom Ford, known for his sexy suits.  Firth said he’s always being asked what it was like to work with Ford as a director and his designer clothes.

“Lots of people say: ‘Oh a Tom Ford film – that must look great,'” says Firth.

“But the truth is that the suits I was wearing are like body armour for my character.

“You just have the impression that if George wasn’t wearing his tie, his whole world would fall apart.”

Ford also designed the suits worn by Daniel Craig in the newest James Bond movies. I wonder if that’s a Ford suit Firth is wearing on the red carpet… Judging by how good he looks in it, I’d have to say yes. ;-)


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