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Coffee Run with the Kiddies


Unlike a lot of bloggers, we love Britney here. We don’t think that things are going fantastic for her, but we still love her. (we have the number of some fantastic shrinks and psychiatrists for some BiPolar meds, Just saying)

Brit Brit went out Thursday for some coffee with the little ones, ‘Sup Sean?!

We know it’s hard to have kids and a business and planning a comeback, and a divorce where you don’t get taken to the cleaners. So we understand wanting to get someone else to make your coffee. But hon, not now.

It’s because we love you!!!

So we have some tips for a blended coffee just for Britney so she can make it at home (stay home Britney).

click for it… it’s not that hard

* ALWAYS take leftover coffee from the morning, or whenever, and pour it in your ice trays. This helps the drink from getting all watered down.

* Put other coffee in a pitcher in the fridge.

* Get the SPLENDA flavor packets, or the Sugar Free Syrups to add flavor. We can’t handle extra calories any more than anyone else, so we try as hard as possible.

* Coffee Mate has a lower fat creamer that has a better texture than the non fat without the calories of the “regular”.

* Bees also use the Lower Fat Soy Vanilla Milk. It just makes us feel better about what we’re drinking

PS That little pic looks JUST like the Queen Bee on Vacation… heehee ;-)