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Cocktail Thursday: Irish Iced Coffee Martini Recipe

RealBeanz Iced Coffee Irish Coffee Martini Coffee

Happy Thursday little bees! Being the go-to lifestyle blog for cocktails means mixing it up once in a while. This little Southern California pinup KNOWS that it is the first day of spring, but I have something unexpected for you.

Today, it is all about the iced coffee on a different level. The heat here in SoCal has been a little much (cry me a river, right?) so the coffee drinkers are searching for something cooler. RealBeanz iced coffee is ready to go, making it even easier to make into a tasty Irish Iced Coffee Martini cocktail.

· ½ ounce Kahlua
· 2 ounces vodka
· 1 ounce RealBeanz Mocha flavored Iced Coffee
· Ground coffee beans for garnish

· Rim the edge of the martini glass with ground coffee beans
· Put all ingredients into a shaker and shake vigorously

This makes a great AFTER dinner cocktail. You might serve with some ready to eat madeleines, or brownie bites for dessert.

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  1. It’s 5 o clock somewhere dahling! I need one of these!

  2. This is set to be my cocktail du summer.

  3. This sounds fantastic. I love coffee drinks. You should try a Nutty Irishman, Bee.

  4. This sounds yummy, I absolutely love Kahlua

  5. This does sound totally delicious, I love me some Kahlua too!