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Cocktail Thursday – Fifty Barrels Urban Winery SoCal Wine Makers


It’s Cocktail Thursday! Today, we will talk wine. Thanksgiving is next week, and wine is the easiest adult beverage to serve at a dinner centered party. Pick a great red and white and you’re set.

My suggestions today for SoCal Thanksgiving Dinner –

Chardonnay for the white. It’s easy to drink and goes well with turkey.
Petite Syrah for the red. I know, it has a little spicy kick, but it goes great with the spices in your stuffing.
You could also get their award winning Cabernet, and their California Ben Dover (a great inexpensive RED table wine).

Fifty Barrels Urban Winery and Tasting Room in Vista, Ca has award winning wine, and you can buy bottles or cases of wine. Not only that, but they need a few extra dollars to OFFICIALLY OPEN their new tasting room and processing center. They are THIS CLOSE and want to be OPEN on Black Friday.

You can help this SoCal business (and great wine makers, TRUST ME ON THAT) by just buying a bottle of wine for Thanksgiving dinner.

Contact them via email or phone (760-550-WINE)  and they will arrange the best time for you to pick up your cases ;-)

Check this video my friend from Chronically Distracted made for them :-)

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  1. Sounds good! where do I sign up?

  2. What great wine tips!

  3. I love wine so much.

  4. The Seghesio flows freely this time of year at our house.

  5. I think we should all get together and hafve a glass of wine now!

  6. Interesting to see what wines work well!