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Cocktail Recipe Thursday – Ungava Negroni

Negroni Cocktail Recipe wit Ungava Gin
The Negroni cocktail, one of the most unexpected combinations of flavors all mixed into one recipe. I know people that don’t like gin, or Campari, but for some reason will sit down and order a Negroni and enjoy every sip. The flavor is smooth, and refreshing, perfect for warmer weather.

The Ungava Negroni is your classic cocktail for a classic summer.


Ungava Negroni
1 ½ oz. Ungava Gin
1 ½ oz. Campari
1 oz. sweet vermouth
Orange twist for garnish

Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist and serve.

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  1. Now this looks like something I need to try during the summer.

  2. This looks delicious!! Perfect for summer!

  3. I am not sure that I would like this, but worth a try.

  4. This looks like it would burn on the way down.

  5. This looks intense, I prefer something a bit lighter.