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Cocktail Recipe – The Leonardo Punch

The Leonardo Punch Cocktail brings Amaro Lucano to the party.  Perfect for Spring get togethers

Spring Cocktail

There are a few ways to usher in the Spring when the rest of the country is finally thawing out from all of the snow. Start decorating the house in lighter colors, start buying more fruit at the grocery store, and throwing a Spring Themed get together this weekend. Easter is still weeks away, so I say throwing an early spring party is what we all need to get into the “bye bye winter blues” feeling. Besides that, it is going to be in the 80s here in Southern California this weekend, so why not throw a party! Sorry rest of the country.

The Leonardo Punch

Serves 6 people
2 oz of lemon sugar
8 1/2 oz of clear apple juice
8 1/2 oz of ginger ale
4 oz of Amaro Lucano
4 oz of Brandy
4 bar spoons of bitter cardamom
citrus slices

Place lemon sugar, clear apple juice and ginger ale in a punch bowl. Add the 4 ounces of Amaro Lucano and 4 ounces ml of Brandy, four bar spoons of bitter cardamom and last add the citrus slices.

This spring cocktail punch recipe can be made any time of year, but there is something about chilled punch that that makes me think indoor/outdoor weekend get-togethers with friends. The lemon in the Leonardo Punch brings a freshness that wakes up the senses. And they look like slices of sunshine while in the glass or floating on the punch bowl.

Adding what is usually an after dinner drink, Amaro Lucano, to the cocktail brings a new Italian twist to the cocktail punch. Amaro Lucano is usually served on its own after dinner, but due to its caramel flavor it mixes well with the ginger ale and brandy.

You could use this spring punch recipe to celebrate birthdays, engagements, or even because it is the weekend and we like being together. CHEERS!

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  1. I’m looking forward to full blown “punch” season. Cold days like today remind me, that days like yesterday and the day before are gifts. LOL.

  2. That recipe sounds like it would go nice for a winter party too… Brandy does really warm up your insides :-) Love the aspect of adding fruit to dark liquors too, makes them a little smoother.