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Christmas with the Celebs!

So, You and I may be sitting at the dining room table, throwing back cocktails to make spending time with the family palatable, but the stars get to pick and choose where they will be today.

US Weekly asked the stars what they will be up to and here’s their plans!

New Moon’s Peter Facinelli “I’m shooting [Showtime’s] Nurse Jackie right now, so I’m going to be in New York until December 19th. Thankfully my wife [Jennie Garth] is holding down the fort at home. She called me today and said, ‘I got the Christmas shopping done for so-and-so.’ I was like, ‘You’re a godsend because I have no time to go Christmas shopping this year.’ My home is in LA, so I’m going to go back to LA and spend a nice, quiet Christmas there.”

Robert DeNiro
“I’d like to think of myself as being lucky in that area with my kids and my family. My wife, my family, we all try to keep together on the holidays.”

Shayne Lamas “I am going to fly back Christmas day because my mom and dad will go nuts if I’m not home.”

Emiliy Blunt “I’m going home to London for Christmas. My sister and I are going to do Christmas Eve. We’re going to cook Christmas Eve. I think we’re going to do a Julia Child extravaganza.”

Singer Keri Hilson “I will be home in Atlanta with my family. Just after coming back, I go to Germany and then to Japan. I’m home just in time for my mother’s birthday.”

LL Cool J “I’m just going to relax and lay back. Enjoy the family. Eat a little bit, eat a lot. Gain 5 pounds and lose 6.”

Michael Buble “You know what? I don’t care where we are! Just being with the family is enough. We’ll make a Christmas wherever we happen to be.”

Joel McHale “The whole family gets waxed!”

Precious’ Paula Patton “Family, food and rest!”

Jessica Simpson’s dad Joe “We’re going to be here in New York City. We’ll be seeing our baby [Ashlee] on Broadway [in Chicago].”

Brooke Shields “Spending time with my family!”

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara
“I’m going to be working in LA. I only have one week off, so I don’t know what I’ll be doing.”

Christina Ricci “I don’t know. I just spent Thanksgiving with my family, and I don’t think we have any concrete plans, but I know there’s always a Christmas tree at my house!”

New Moon’s Kellan Lutz “I’m going home to Arizona, which I only get to do once a year. I just adopted a new dog, Kevin. I found a stray on the street. He’s like a little Chihuahua …. so I’m taking him to Arizona.”

Dancing With the Stars’ Mark Ballas “I’ll be going to Houston to see my grandparents and my family. We have a big family of 25, so I’ll just be relaxing and spending time with them for the holidays!”

Paula Abdul “I’m definitely going to go away.”

Gilles Marini “I love Christmas more than anything! I’ll be with the kids and Santa!”

What will YOU be doing today BBB readers?