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Christina Aguilera Rocks the Vote with Max

christina aguilera rock the vote baby max


Baby Max is making his debut in the world of politics. Momma Christina Aguilera sings to her new son in the “Rock the Vote” PSA. Instead of wrapping herself in the flag ala Madonna, in 1992 Rock the Vote PSA, Xtina wraps up little Max. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

The singer croons “America the Beautiful” all in hopes to get people to vote. But she hasn’t always done it herself.

Ironically, Aguilera admitted that she didn’t cast her first ballot until 2004.

“As a woman, that’s embarrassing for me that it took me that long just because . . . we weren’t always given that right,” said Aguilera, adding that politics weren’t discussed in her house when she was a kid. “And I think it’s really taken for granted, especially with the younger generation now, you know?”

I’m all for voting, and I totally suggest you register NOW! Just get educated before you go punching ballots. ;-)

Oh and just as a reminder, Madonna still rocks it harder. Even though Christina has the same hair. Just skip to :30


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