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Christina Aguilera is Not Myself Tonight VIDEO

After all the hype, Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” has debuted all over the internet.  I guess we’re the new MTV??

It’s full of latex, stereotypical “naughty” ideas.  In her undies? check.  Kissing girls?  Check.  Something on fire? check.  YAWN!

I’ve heard repeatedly how people LOOOOOVED Xtina in her pinup girl phase.  You know, where she took a shower after being Dirrty?  It was a new direction, and DIFFERENT from everyone else.  They won’t be buying this album now.

I don’t know, the best review I’ve read yet is over at Dipped in Cream. DiC goes over just how this SHOCKING video… isn’t.  It’s just a rehash of past ideas, but not in a fresh way.

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