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Christian Audigier wine?

90630M4_AUDIGIER_B-GR_05Ed Hardy designer, Chrisian Audigier, has officially launched his new line of wine and sparkling wines. Here he is being interviewed and photographed for his new line, the bottles of which are all decorated in what has become an Ed Hardy cliche of tattoo-esque hearts and lettering.

Ok, so I saw these bottles about a month ago. Where? Costco. That’s right. I was walking past the head sized muffins and BAM Ed Hardy was staring me in the face. All I could do was pick it up and look at it. WHO is going to be drinking this? I mean, besides my family. I mean, it would go with their T-shirts, jackets and other clothing and accessory. Because nothing says “I may have money, but that doesn’t buy me taste” like Christian Audigier’s work with Ed Hardy.

More pics below

Bauer Griffin

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