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Charlie Sheen’s Girl Is Married… To Someone Else

Charlie Sheen loses twin boys over restraining order and death threat -fp

I guess no one should be surprised about anything that involves Charlie Sheen or his new fiancee. It turns out that, even though he is engaged to Brett Rossi, who he calls Scottie, she is still married to her husband. Oops.

So what gives?

Sheen’s spokesperson, I do NOT want that job, told People Magazine:

“She’s been separated from this guy for two years,” he says. “It’s just a matter of the paperwork winding its way through the court system.”

“Charlie and Scottie have no secrets,” Ballard says, referring to Rossi’s nickname. “Charlie is well aware of Scottie’s situation.”

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They have been separated for two years? I wonder when their divorce was filed. It can be true that getting a divorce can take forever, especially if there are assets or one of the parties is trying to be a jerk or wants more out of the settlement.

Either way, it’s nice that Charlie already knew and that he wasn’t blindsided by this. Can you imagine what he would do if this was a surprise?

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  1. Of course Charlie Sheen always manages to find drama – why am I not surprised by this?

  2. LOL Charlie never seems to be able to do anything simple. Not surprised at all!

  3. Charlie Sheen equals drama. it follows him everywhere!

  4. Well we can’t be surprise that a girl who would marry Charlie would have a whole pot of trouble of her own.

  5. I’m surprised there’s still women stupid enough to get with him.

  6. and she knew she was still married, he better get a pre-nup

  7. And yeah he would be stupid not to get a prenup.

  8. Umm not surprising! Will save him money i guess.