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Charlie Sheen asked to go to rehab?

Charlie Sheen has not had the best year. Being arrested, restraining orders, his car got stolen, his wife is in rehab. Sigh. Now comes rumbles that friends are asking Charlie to go to rehab again as well.

In the past Charlie has openly discussed coming out of rehab and relapsing by starting to consume alcohol again. Now multiple sources have confirmed he has been boozing again but one source very close to him says he is not going into rehab and doesn’t believe he needs rehab.

“People close to him have urged him to enter rehab and get help again,” a source told “But it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.” [via Radaronline]

Word is that Charlie doesn’t think that he needs help.

“Many people believe Charlie is simply in denial about his own problems,” one source close to the situation told

You know, some people can drink and it’s no big deal. But, if he really did threaten his wife with a knife, I would say that his problems are bigger than drinking.

BTW, who’s taking care of their kids?!

Images by Bauer Griffin

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