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NFL Fit for You Chargers Style Lounge

The Chargers may not have won yesterday but it was still a fun game.  And, if you weren’t into the game that much, all the ladies were invited to the NFL Fit for You Chargers Style Lounge.  This was quite the fun time, I have to say.

There were complimentary manicures, women’s styles from Nike and Victoria’s Secret, jewelry and even the Chargers’ glasses and kitchen gadgets on display.  No I’m not joking.  There was a toaster that makes Chargers lightning bolt toast!  lol

There were also some really great purses by Anastasio Moda.  My favorite was the suede satchel.  Yes, it had a lightning bolt in it.  But it wasn’t garish.  The bolt was made by perforations in the pocket.  You can see more of his NFL purses here. 

 I didn’t have time to get the manicure, but you could buy the team colors to take home with you if you were so inclined.

I do like how much effort the Chargers appear to be putting into getting the women involved.  Whether it’s the absolute girlie girls or the ones that get down with grass stains on their clothes.    I like it.  :-)

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