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Channing Tatum Stripping Video

Ok this is kind of NSFW, so there.

GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra star, Channing Tatum used his body to pay the bills before he was a successful actor. Us Weekly is saying that in 1999 the then 18 year old Channing used to be a member of a male review, kind of like Chippendales, called Male Encounter, and he danced under the name of Chan Crawford.

Channing made $50 a night plus tips for taking it off, and lip syncing during the show. And, he was aparently hot enough to catch the eye of a woman casting agent, who put him in Ricky Martin’s She Bangs music video!

Is this a big deal? Is there a double standard? Can you imagine if it came out that Scarlett Johansson was a stripper?

Anystripper, here’s the video of Channing paying the bills.

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