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Celebs at Elie Saab


My darling Dita arrived at the Elie Saab 2009 Spring Summer haut couture show in Paris looking, of course, fabulous.  I don’t know how she does it.  I mean, I know that once you have a “look” it makes things easier, but she stays fresh and current, all while being reminiscant of times gone by.  Gorgeous.   But seeing her standing next to Kanye West is just odd.  You know he’ll be ALL CAP BLOGGING ABOUT THIS LATER TONIGHT.

Also at the Elie Saab show, Elsa Pataky, an emaciated looking Mischa Barton, Rachida Brakni, and Michelle Yeoh.

Elie Saab even took a few pics with the celebs.

Can I just say something…Kanye, is looking like a fool, and Mischa seems to be on something.  Ok I feel better.  And how long before we hear about Kanye and Mischa from the tabs?  Anyone?

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