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Celebrity Resolutions You’d LIKE to see

Brad Pitt taking his son, Pax to Dave & Busters.

Alright y’all.  Let’s do a little game.

You tell me the celeb new year’s resolutions you WISH they would make.

Will Lindsay Lohan stop taking to twitter to stalk people she’s dating?

Brad Pitt will get rid of the weird beard!

Should Jennifer Lopez just stop pretending she’s a home body mommy?

Tony Romo stop dating blonde beauties?

Something for Britney Spears perhaps?  John Mayer?  Travis Barker?  Ron Wood?  Amy Winehouse?

Or how about all politicians just keep their families out of their campaigns.  That’d be nice.

OK YOUR TURN.  Tell me below ;-)

Images be CWNY/Fame Pictures

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