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Celebrate International Vodka Day With One Of These Cocktail Recipes

warsaw mule cocktail sobieski vodka

Happy International Vodka Day! October 4 has the distinction of being what I thought most weekends were already, but who am I to judge? To help celebrate this distinction I am listing some of my most favorite vodka cocktails for you all to enjoy.

Sriracha Cocktails Dante's Essence vodka

Cucumber Cocktail – Low calorie and refreshing. It is still very hot here in southern California so this cocktail over ice is wonderful. And when I say it is still hot here in SoCal, I mean in the 100s. OUCH!

Warsaw/Moscow Mule – It all depends on where your vodka is born.  Russia or Poland.  This is the CLASSIC ginger beer and vodka cocktail and while you can drink it out of a glass, the finishing touch is the copper mug.

The Yankee Doodle – Like a Moscow Mule, but completely different.

Dante’s Essence– Let’s heat things up shall we? Sriracha is hot, and not just on the taste buds. This is great with a mix of vodka and a wheat beer. Hipster heaven in a glass.

The Kick Start – Ok how about one more Sriacha vodka cocktail? The kick start has all things hot, sweet, and sour all together in a classic martini form. Deceptive for sure, but your friends will beg you for the recipe.

Tax-tini sobieski vodka cocktail
You cannot forget martinis when you are making a list of vodka cocktails.

Vanilla Nut Martini – Creamy, coffee, low calorie. Total Calories: 130 per drink

Raspberry Blush – Refreshing, bright and easy to make. Great for summer or whenever you want some summer in a glass.

Taxa-tini Don’t let the IRS inspired name scare you. This lemon citrus flavored vodka cocktail is a celebration of when life gives you lemons, you make a cocktail martini.

But what is my favorite vodka cocktail? I keep it as simple as possible (and very low calorie). Soda/Seltzer water, ice, lime, vodka. You can add mint if you like. Super simple, easy to make, and not a lot of sugar. Yum.

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1 Comment

  1. Now this is a day to celebrate! These drinks look great.