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Remember Carrie Fisher and that Metal Bikini? SHE does!

Remember this? The metal bikini in Star Wars? Talk about an iconic sex image. Many a fan boy have this image permanently tattooed onto their brain. Well, Carrie Fisher remembers it, too, and she would LOVE to get back into it. Say what?!

“I would like to have the option of getting back into the metal bikini. I won’t be doing that, but I’d like the option.”

Carrie has just been signed on to be the newest face/body of Jenny Craig. She was 180lbs at her heaviest, and is looking to lose about 30lbs. She has already lost 12! (Just so you know, she weighed about 105lbs in the bikini pic) So what was the reason she signed on, I mean, besides the paycheck, and exposure?

“I Googled myself recently without a lubricant and I came across a posting that someone made about me which was, ‘What ever happened to Carrie Fisher? She used to be so hot, now she looks like Elton John,'” she said at Wednesday’s press conference. “Yeah, that hurt.”

“I’m glad that I’m thinner,” she told Us. “And I’m glad that I found a way to get thinner.”

Good for you Carrie!! I hope this means we will be HEARING a whole lot more from her. Girl just shoots from the hip. Isn’t that right Travolta?!

Bikini Image

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