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Carnie Wilson's Day out With Daughter Lola [VIDEO]

It’s family time for singer/game show host/reality TV personality Carnie Wilson and daughter Lola.

Carnie is not only the host of The Newlywed Game on the Game Show Network, but she also has her own reality show called “Carnie Wilson Unstapled”. I kid you not.

It seems to be based on the Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood format. Get famous people, with well known backstories, to allow a camera to follow them as they do whatever they can to 1) Up their fame factor and 2) Make a buck.

Of course, Wilson’s show focuses on her weight struggle. She did famously have bypass surgery on the internet back in the day.

You can get a peek at her show in the video below.

Images by SLY/Fame Pictures

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