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Carmen Electra Spanks Ellen on Show

I luuuuuuv Carmen Electra. You can tell she knows that there’s a role people want to see and she gives it to them. RAWR! She was on the Ellen Degeneres show promoting the 55th Anniversary Issue of Playboy. Carmen’s on the cover looking all sorts of fine.

In the clip above, Ellen introduces Carmen and her Playboy cover, and of course there’s the dancing. Carmen and Ellen start dancing to the music, and of course Carmen pulls out some of her strip tease moves. (good thing she had those DVDs). And then she gives Ellen a spanking!!! I couldn’t help but wonder just how uncomfortable Ellen was during the shoot. I mean, Carmen’s hot and sexy, but I’m sure she was worried about how far she was going to take it.

Just watch the clip again, and instead of watching the hotness of Carmen, watch Ellen’s face. Priceless.

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