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Can We Talk MJ on The Shahs Of Sunset?

shahs of sunset 9pm bravo tv

Ok, so I was coming home from my OMG trip to Las Vegas during this week’s Shahs of Sunset. And I am just catching up on the whole drama filled thing.

WTF is up with MJ??? I mean, I understand she has a lot of ish going on in her life. You know, like losing her bff to the new skinny Persian Barbie, and 5 shades of brand new version Asa (yes, I went there). Not to mention her total see you next Tuesday of a mother. But is she really taking her chihuahua’s pills? Valium? WTF!!!

I think that MJ has been my #1 girl on this show since last season, but girl, I hope she gets some help!

Oh and Reza digging through her purse in private is one thing as a friend, but doing it on film is something completely different.

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