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Californication Sneak Peek!

david duchovny arrest californication

I don’t know if there’s a television show I enjoy watching more than Californication (ok maybe House but that’s on basic channels).

Anyways, we are getting a behind the scenes peek at the upcoming third season, and just who is joining Hank Moody (David Duchovny) in his naughty ways. Peter Gallagher and Embeth Davidtz join as guest stars. Embeth plays a professor (Felicia) at a private college and Peter is her husband the dean (Dean) of the school.

You can only bet that Hank and Felicia get their groove on as he can’t seem to not nail anything with a pulse.

Hank will also be taking a new job as an English teacher at the University. Naughty naughty professor fantasies I’m sure ;-)

I cannot WAIT until the next season starts! 10PM Showtime, beginning September 27!


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