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Busy Bee Goes Summer Shopping!

Hey lovelies! You know it’s almost summer. True it’s always cloudy here on the coast, but just go with it. So I decided to face one of my biggest fears, and go shopping. Since it’s summer, I went swimsuit shopping!

Read all about here! Trust me, this is good.

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BusyBee was compensated for this post by TJ Maxx

So, I hate shopping. Absolutely hate it. So when I headed to T.J. Maxx in Encinitas, CA, I was prepared for the worst. I am so happy I was worrying for no reason. The place was well lit, CLEAN, well organized, and I could SEE EVERYTHING I was looking for. No small feat.

Let’s get started on my outfits. I was going for conservative pinup, and sexy flashy. Luckily, the latest trends of embellishments (gold clasps, hardware), runching, and BRIGHT patterns really helped. Oh and both suits can be worn with any of the accessories. Nice, huh?

Suit one! Conservative Pinup! I love the color, and the suit has convertible straps if you need a little more oomf to the girls. Come on now, perfect for pool side with a nice glass of ice water that the pool boy brings you.

Suit 2 sexy flashy! I originally thought this was a two piece bikini. I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see it’s a new style one piece. With the metallic embellishment to boot! VERY Dynasty, but in a good way.
This thing looks super hot on and I cannot wait to wear it to a pool party. I’m not quite brave enough for the beach ;-)

Now, for the coverups. I may have grown up and live in a beach town but that does not mean I think it’s ok to walk around everywhere in my swimsuit. If not in the water, or sunbathing, I cover it up. But that’s just me.

Maxi dress in blue. Blue and aquamarine are huge for the spring/summer season. And this dress is VERY flowy with a little peep at the V neck. But not so much exposed that you feel self conscious. This is great if you’re in a lake town and want to go to lunch. At $19.99 I can get the dress AND either of the suits.

Short stripes. Nice tank style, with pockets! And I love black and white stripes with just about anything.

I was headed to the change room, when I walked past the juniors section and found this piece of treasure. Talk about PRINT! This is just sooooo I-Know-Who-I-Am and with these two suits, just the PERFECT cover up. yes, i know it’s a tunic/dress/shirt, but who cares about labels. WEAR THIS to that cute guy’s pool party. Oh did I mention it’s UNDER $20?

And let’s not forget the SHOES! The two pairs of gold sandals would go just perfectly with any of these outfits but I LOVE the white sandals with the blue beading.

Can’t forget your bag, wrap, and sunglasses!

I am so ready for summer now. Cute suits, shoes, and accessories? All for less than I expected. And I actually had FUN shopping! Can you believe it!


  1. OMG I love it all!!!

    • thanks! I had fun doing it. :-)