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Burnt Man


For those of you who don’t know about burning man festival, and I would be included in that one, it’s some sort of big party in the desert that lasts a whole week. A friend of mine goes EVERY YEAR, and it seems to be filled with music, glow sticks, and dancing. I know there’s more to it, but he won’t tell me. I guess at the end of the party a giant “Man” get set aflame. Hence, BurningMan. Or that’s my best guess.

Anyways, some yahoo set the man on fire early.

But this guy was arrested for setting the structure on fire early.

“It was in plain sight of many people… Everyone is looking at it this morning, this big black figure in the sky and that wasn’t supposed to burn, saying, ’Now what do we do?”’

No injuries were reported, and the festival’s in-house fire department, the Black Rock City Emergency Services Department, extinguished the fire in less than half an hour, Grace said. The fire also damaged part of the Green Man Pavilion, the exhibition space on which the figure was perched, Grace said.

Paul Addis, 35, of San Francisco, was booked into the Pershing County, Nev., jail on suspicion of arson, illegal possession of fireworks, destruction of property and resisting a public officer, according to the sheriff’s department. He posted a $25,632 bond, a sheriff’s dispatcher said.

What a putz. I guess it’s supposed to be the fantastic end to a hot and sweaty week.