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Brit's house Burgled. WHO COULD IT BE?!?!

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This really doesn’t take Scooby Doo and Velma…. But I’ll write it as if I don’t have a clue anyways.

It seems that after winning conservatorship over Britney and her assests, her dad Jamie Spears returned to Britney’s home along with Lynn Spears, her mother, and found there were items that had been stolen.

Gee, who could it be? This was AFTER Jamie was given the responsibility of caring for his daughter and a temporary restraining order was filed against Osama Lutfi. Hmmmm… WHO COULD IT BE!?!?!?!

The police were called, and a report was taken, as the family believes the items were stolen AFTER Britney went into the hospital.

At least Jamie has the right, now, to change the locks and hire security for his daughter.

Poor girl can’t catch a break even when she’s in the hospital!

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