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Britney's Stay Thin Secret? Her Boys

Britney Spears and son Jayden go from ice cream! -Busybee

Ever wonder how pop super star Britney Spears stays in shape? Here’s a hint, she takes them for ice cream.

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She said: “How do I keep slim? Having two boys definitely helps, and I love to dance. It’s the best way to stay in shape.” [FF]

I’d think it is MORE dancing than her two boys, but how sweet of her to talk about little boys Sean and Jayden in such a healthy way?

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So, is there a another healthy way she takes care of herself?

She explained: “I love treating myself to a spa day. Massages are my favourite.”

Who wouldn’t love massages?!?! Especially with all of the working out that she does.

What is your best stay in shape secret?

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