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Britney's dad wins control, Restraining order against Sam Lutfi

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Here we go!!! Britney Spears‘ daddy, Jamie Spears have been granted temporary control over the care or Britney and her assets. He has also been granted a civil harassment restraining order against “manager” Sam Lutfi.

US has the following…

Jamie now has the power to restrict any visitors to Britney. He is also in charge of arranging 24-hour caretakers for her, as well as security.

In addition, the judge gave Jamie the power to cut off all of the singer’s credit cards and to prosecute any restraining orders on her behalf.

He also has full control of her residence and can legally remove anyone who is staying there. In addition, he has the power to keep Britney in California.

Jamie has control until the next hearing, which is set for Monday afternoon.

This is after Sam Lutfi made some not so kind statements regarding Britney’s family… saying

“Oh boy, her family is crazy!” … “It’s funny because that’s what the doctors say when they meet the family,” he added. “They always come back and say, ‘You know, [her problems] are inherited, right?’

“It’s just so sad. It’s shared equally from both of her parents.”

He told Us the singer doesn’t “trust anything that her family says? Not a g—-n thing.”